In order to continue to hold space for others, we must take care of ourselves. All Practice Freedom Project offerings are grounded in meditation, reflection and yoga. We believe that together these three components are the key to sustainable healing for body, mind and spirit.

Interested in bringing the Practice Freedom Project to your school or organization? We are always interested in partnering. You can contact us using the button at the bottom of this page.

BREATHE is a micro-retreat for Black educators. We breathe for those who can not. We reconnect to the breath to remind ourselves that we are still here. To remind ourselves that we still matter. To remind ourselves that we can still make a difference. To prepare ourselves to hold space for the children in our classrooms.

Black Womxn Rising - July 30, 2020
Back to School Sangha- September 3, 2020

BREATHE events are always from 8:00pm - 9:00PM EDT

Honey for Wounds is a mini-retreat for educators to take time to rejuvenate themselves in order to create safe spaces for others. I created Honey for Wounds to learn from and with my fellow educators about how we can begin to be well for ourselves and for our students. Through this dedicated time for wellness we can do the same thing for the emotional body that honey does for the physical body. It can jump start the healing process and give us the tools to continue our healing long after the retreat ends.

Fortify is a virtual self care series for social justice educators. The heart of Fortify is three 90 minute, virtual group sessions with Dr. Tamara Pearson and her special guests. In these sessions we move our bodies, build our community and re-connect with the heart of what it means to educate for freedom.